For users

INDIGO is designed for the users, not just for the computers. Everything is as easy to use as possible. Automatic network service discovery or hot-plug support is a mandatory feature for all pieces of the framework.


INDIGO can be obtained from our Downloads section.

Install it

On Ubuntu / Debian / Raspbian install downloaded package with the following command:

$ sudo dpkg -i indigo-2.0-XX-YYY.deb

On Apple macOS just double click downloaded .dmg file to mount it and than drag & drop it to /Applications folder.


On Ubuntu / Debian / Raspbian start INDIGO server with the following command:

$ indigo_server_standalone

to start server with all available drivers or

$ indigo_server indigo_driver indigo_driver ...

where indigo_driver is the name of available INDIGO loadable driver from the following list:

indigo_ccd_asi ZWO ASI CCD driver Read more »
indigo_wheel_asi ZWO ASI filter wheel driver Read more »
indigo_guider_asi ZWO ASI USB-ST4 guider driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_atik Atik CCD driver Read more »
indigo_wheel_atik Atik filter wheel driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_fli FLI CCD driver Read more »
indigo_focuser_fli FLI focuser driver Read more »
indigo_wheel_fli FLI filter wheel driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_iidc IIDC CCD driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_qhy QHY CCD driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_sbig SBIG CCD and filter wheel driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_dsi Meade DSI CCD driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_simulator CCD / focuser / wheel simulator driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_ssag Orion SSAG / QHY5 CCD driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_sx StarlightXpress CCD driver Read more »
indigo_wheel_sx StarlightXpress filter wheel driver Read more »
indigo_focuser_fcusb Shoestring FCUSB focuser controller driver Read more »
indigo_focuser_usbv3 Focuser USB v3 driver Read more »
indigo_mount_lx200 LX200 mount driver Read more »
indigo_mount_nexstar NexStar mount driver Read more »
indigo_mount_temma Takahashi Temma mount driver Read more »
indigo_mount_simulator Mount simulator driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_qsi QSI CCD driver Read more »
indigo_gps_simulator GPS Simulator driver Read more »
indigo_gps_nmea Generic NMEA 0183 GPS driver Read more »
indigo_ccd_ica ICA DSLR driver Read more »

On Apple macOS just execute INDIGO Server application in /Applications.


Execute your favorite application e.g. Ekos or AstroImager and use devices detected by INDIGO Server.

Every INDIGO server has embedded WEB server with simple control panel for setting advanced features for particular device. You can access it on URL http://localhost:7624 and it looks like this.

There are also first results with INDIGO-ASCOM bridge (tested with APT and PHD2)!